This page is dedicated to our beloved and our favorite on-screen and off-screen HERO.

We are shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic passing away of a young Bollywood actor, a soul brimming with promise and possibilities #SushantSinghRajput. However, we have no understanding of why he left the world the way he did.

We don’t know what he was facing deep down. But as you know there is nothing in this world that cant be #healed. He had come a long way and had many more miles to go. He will be missed.

Dear People, there is nothing in this life that can’t be healed. We as Listicles trying our bit to save people’s lives from committing suicide.

If you feel depressed (failing in exam, breakup, losing a person, due to a move to a new location, undergoing a separation or divorce, etc.) or you are facing traumatic stress or you are feeling hopeless. Always remember one thing you are not a burden to anyone. If you need a person to talk or anything that we could do for you would be a blessing for us.

To talk us. simply click on green icon shown right below and say Hi 👋

A Word From Very-well

You may never know why a person committed suicide. While it might have appeared that someone had everything to live for, it probably didn’t feel that way to them.

Not only #blacklivesmatter. Rather, #alllivesmatter.